Welcome to Technowep

Technowep is the INDIA’s leading service provider in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing that suites all types of services and recruitment agencies. It is a developing name in Managerial / Executive and Professional Search in all areas including Banking, Finance, Hospitality, Engineering, B.P.O., InfoTech and other industries. Sales/ Marketing men, representatives, officers, engineers, executives, Managers, Mall & Retail sales etc.

The key for any company to succeed is its workforce; in order to retain and motivate our employees we treat them with the utmost respect and professionalism. We welcome their feedback and use it to constantly make changes throughout our organization. We thrive to distinguish ourselves from the competition by creating and sustaining a unique corporate culture which is constantly evolving as the industry itself. Some illustrations of Global’s distinctive environment include:

  • • Technology Committee
  • • Senior members of each team provide input and suggestions to change business model

  • • Monthly All hands meetings for all employees to create a small family culture

  • • Training programs to associates to help grow their skill sets

  • • Family Centric Organization
  • • Company dinners, offsite and lunches to foster and strengthen inter team bonds

  • • Team Building Activities

  • • Open lines of communications between top management and associates.


Anoop Tyagi

This looks good. Thank you for the links, they are very helpful. Also, I like the fact that you figured out a few things that I did not go over, and I agree with all your choices.

Sudesh Chandra

It was infact a pleasure for us to also work with you ... given the comfort you provided us in terms of confidentiality, research and content. We look forward to an ongoing relationship.

Rahul Soni

That is great news, your services were spectacular and we will definitely be using you again in the near future. Thanks again.

Manisha Agarwal

Thanks for your very prompt work! Again, great work on this project.

Aryansh Shukla

The email database spreadsheet looks perfect.