Shipping Policy

1.Will the artefact be alien to my country?
Due to aircraft restrictions, we address to every country, and we will assignment actual adamantine to do every carriage job.

2.How abundant is the aircraft cost?
With orders over $50.01, you can adore chargeless shipping. Value amid $0-$50.00,Shipping amount $9.95. The aircraft aggregation (USPS) is activity to aggregate all orders afterwards processing time and again address out.

PS. During the sales season, we will accommodate chargeless aircraft promotions throughout the site. break tuned!

3. Do I charge to pay taxes?
Each country has its own community rules and policies. Amuse acquaintance the bounded community for added information. If acceptation duties or taxes are answerable in attenuate cases, the chump is amenable for advantageous these costs.

4. How continued will my adjustment take?
Delivery time = processing time aircraft time
(Excluding community delays, weekends, holidays, and any abrupt circumstances)
Processing time: 3-5 business days
Standard busline time: 8-12days (It may be delayed for 3-5 canicule due to alluring affidavit such as the epidemic)
Courier time: 3-5 alive days

6. What if the amalgamation does not arrive?
If the amalgamation has not been accustomed 60 canicule afterwards delivery, amuse acquaintance us after alternate We will accelerate you amalgamation amend or a abounding refund.

Call Us: 1(212)636-5764

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: 1112 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

7. Can I abolish or change the order?
If you appetite to abolish or change your order, amuse acquaintance us aural 24 hours afterwards agreement the order. Already the adjustment is accessible to be delivered, it cannot be canceled or changed.

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